Autumn Book Series 2013
  • The Still Point of the Turning World
    The Still Point of the Turning World
    by Emily Rapp


  • Lift
    by Kelly Corrigan




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Dancing to Freedom: Reaching Out

A life size image of Maria Tallchief hangs on the wall at the Dance Museum in Saratoga, NY where I take a modern class when the rest of my life doesn't get in the way. She pulls me in with her long limbed beauty and helps me keep going even when I may want to call it quits. What is she reaching for?

I love this photo because of its immediacy. It is balance and motion and emotion, and it is captured. The feeling of it washes over me and as I stand panting in line awaiting my turn to jete across the floor, I am inspired. Ready to balance and get in motion and capture my own emotions in my dance. Ready to lift my own leg in passe and reach out myself.What am I reaching for?

It is when I dance, move my body and create new connections that I reach out...and I thought I'd answer the question, "I am reaching for..."And then I was struck with the truth; there is no need to name it. I can't see what is beyond Maria's grasp...but it doesn't matter. It is the strength of her arm reaching out and the yearning on her face that inspire me. No matter what I reach for, whether I grasp it or no, it is the meaningful extension of myself that makes me whole.



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"it is the meaningful extension of myself that makes me whole"...such power and truth in your writing. i feel awe, inspiration and resonance. thank you.

Wednesday, March 14 | Unregistered Commentermelissa

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