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    The Still Point of the Turning World
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Leap Day: A proposition

The only day in 4  years of its kind has met me with feelings of unease. A school shooting, strange weather,everchanging political dramas,broad scale economic woes and personal tragedies leave me wondering how to best commemorate today. Leap day has a few special traditions, one is that it is a day( according to Irish tradition) that a woman can propose to her man. Well... I suppose now-a-days we can do that any day, and besides, I am already married, but I am thinking that I can go with that theme.

Today, Leap day, will be a day of feminine propositions. I propose that I am valuable, intelligent, and strong. I propose that the legacy of women who have come before me has paved the way for me to dream big and see the expanse of every possibility in each and every day. I propose to walk confidently toward goals to uplift, enrich and righteously ignite a passionate and peaceful world. 

I am leaping and proposing on this day, February 29, 2012, that as a woman I will take a stand and take my place as a mover and a shaker and doer and a fixer. I will allow the divine feminine to lift me as I sprinkle all of the goodness I find back over the wounds that greet me when I turn on the news or look around the corner.

I propose that you join me. Women, make your own propositions, men...say yes. We have an opportunity to build the society, the country, the world of our ideals, if only we make a leap of faith and start where we stand.



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Reader Comments (1)

thank you for your invitation. i accept and today intend to wholeheartedly and bravely speak my truth for the benefit of all beings.

Wednesday, February 29 | Unregistered Commentermelissa

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